The Origins

A story of
Italian craft Beer revolution
since 2003

The Sguaraunda craft brewery was founded in 2003 by the passion and friendship that united the founders Massimo and Roberto who, traveling through Europe, discovered that beer is something more than what was commonly found in our country in the 90s .


Inspired mainly by the styles and production of the German macro-region the end of the decade sees them struggling with the first home-made self-productions of what later become the first three beers produced by the brewery: blonde, Weiss and red.


The increasingly numerous consensus obtained by these first productions pushes Massimo and Roberto to transform this passion into a real activity; after several searches identify a country in the low plains of Bergamo agricultural vocation, little industrialized and that gave them the opportunity to use water drawn from a well to 80 meters deep: Pagazzano.


This is the link between the brewery and this location that Pagazzano will be dedicated to one of the most successful beers produced: “la Pagazzano” in fact, inspired by the “old-fashioned Vienna of the past”.

Over the years, both production increases from the first 10000 liters per year to the current 150000, and the styles produced increase from 3 to 13, all with their own soul, all recognizable and distinguishable from each other … uniqueness that distinguishes and makes our beers so popular.


In 2015 we decided to start a direct cultivation project from the barley that is left unresolved because, unfortunately, Roberto falls ill and after a long struggle leaves us in January 2017, but not before having transmitted his art and his passion to the 2 young and certain brewery brewers: Sami and Fabio.


After the pain and dismay Massimo decides to resume the agricultural project, he calls next to him new professional figures and at the end of the same year he creates the Agrifirrificio Sguaraunda.


The Murator, a red double malt with chestnut honey, a beer with a straightforward and decided character just as Roberto was, dedicates a drink to his friend and his late partner.