Sguaraunda Brewery

We cultivate the tradition

The evolution in 2017 in agribirrifico is the result of the attention and the meticulousness that we have always placed in the selection of raw materials used by us in production.


Simply one day we wondered why not try to grow the barley and hops we use on our own … this is how the agricultural project is born, which in a short time leads us to plant the 6 hectares of land necessary to produce the 300 quintals of barley that we use every year.

For the hops we are selecting varieties and land where to grow it.


Parallel to this agricultural project we have started another one of bread making … recovering the threshers and using for example the must, we create very successful crekers and bread.

Our motto is: “Cultivating tradition” and it is this that we are bound to traditional styles and practices that allows us to innovate today.